Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.




I have been going to Jana for a few months and have really enjoyed my colonics with her. She makes you feel comfortable from the very beginning. Her warm and loving personality makes you feel at ease and you forget you are even having a colonic! She does great messages during the session, which helps your body to relax so you can have the most rewarding session. I highly recommend seeing Jana for your next colonic, whether you are new to colonics or not you will fall in love with her!


Sessions with Jana are always a huge success for me. Being someone with on going digestive issues that need precise attention at all times, I have found colon hydrotherapy to be a great assistance in improving  my health while maintaining a cleansing lifestyle. Jana creates a very comfortable environment and makes the entire experience feel safe, casual, and effortless. I always leave feeling like I have done something good for my body with improved energy and mental clarity. Thank you Jana for your down to earth approach to health and flexibility with my crazy schedule!


Jana is great at what she is doing . I m glad I found a colon therapist in my area , that  makes the session very comfortable and very successful. She has a great knowledge of all kinds of health tips, you may ask her anything throughout the session  and after you are done, you feel like you attended a lecture about health topics , that you will incorporate into your daily life style.I am always looking forward to have a session with Jana and learn something new.
Thank you Jana.


I am Deanna Lynn Hartman and  it first dawned on me to get a colonic two years prior to being diagnosed with stage 4B cervical cancer. I wish I have acted on it when it first came to my mind. I might not be as sick as I am today. Well, anyway, since I v been getting colonics lately, I am much more comfortable and we are working on getting me “unstuck”. Especially from the pain meds I now take a lot of . It makes it hard to for me to go to the bathroom.

Jana is my colonic therapist, she is so sweet and good to me. I can tell she really cares.

Jana comes to  me with her mobile colonic unit and treats me at my house. She massages my belly for half an hour prior to the session and it makes it a more successful session. Thank you Jana. – for fighting late stage cancer the holistic way